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Information Management

The electronic business environment today has experienced an evolution. As information becomes increasingly electronic, organisations are developing information management strategies to respond to the rapid expansion of the web, the sheer volume of electronic information and the need for improved processes for knowledge management, collaboration and social networking.

Our Information / Knowledge Management practice is based on helping clients address these real Information and Knowledge Management issues such as loss of knowledge; implementation of policies and processes to ensure capture and reuse of knowledge; and processes and strategies for dealing with the explosion of available information with the Information Age.

We believe that it is critical for organisations embarking on an information or knowledge management project to understand that information and knowledge management solutions are facilitated by IT but not solely a technology solution.

Our method addresses the full scope of Information or Knowledge Management, not just the systems or IT.

  1. Starting with an overall agreed business-driven IM Vision, Principles and Policies are then developed to support the vision and address issues such as governance.
  2. Systems are then reviewed and a plan developed to address the technology and infrastructure needed to capture and reuse knowledge.
  3. Lastly, Implementation addresses overall change management, skill levels, resources, business benefits and priorities, and develops an overall implementation plan.