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Business Process Redesign

We have re-engineered Business Process Redesign to overcome traditional weaknesses and achieve dramatic improvements in customer service and process costs.

To be successful a project must ensure that:

  • Clear goals and objectives are established up front (that will encourage dramatic change).
  • The best people are assigned to the project (to ensure an outcome that will work and be owned by the business).
  • Redesign methods must encourage innovation if staff are to think outside the current process in looking for solutions.
Ideas house

Our approach uses a different starting point for re-engineering efforts, as redesign starts from the future "how best to achieve" customer and business requirements, not the "as is" process. This avoids the problem of the team simply working from the current, with ideas only coming from analysis of time, cost and current processes, a focus on which has been shown to generate less than 20% of innovations.

To encourage innovation our method uses a range of creative thinking techniques. Using electronic meeting systems, we ensure wide involvement and rapid completion of the redesign process, and that staff work creatively on future business processes. Wide involvement ensures more ownership of the redesign outcomes and greater likelihood of successful implementation.

If we can improve the design of your business process, please let us know.