Wise Technology Management

About Us

Wise Technology Management was formed as a management consultancy in 1987 to serve the construction, manufacturing and government industries. We specialise in assisting clients achieve world competitive products, processes and services using advanced technology and information systems. We focus not just on planning and design of new systems and processes but also assisting through all stages of implementation, including specific change management techniques for large whole of company system roll outs.

The consultancy has grown from a local business to one serving large multinational clients in Australia, the US and Europe. The firm has distinguished itself in a number of highly successful projects such as the full program and asset management implementation for VicRoads, the business process redesign and implementation for Yarra Valley Water, and the national electricity market design and implementation for NEMMCO.

The world-wide recognition of these projects has led to the company winning contracts with companies such as British Gas, Areva, Veolia Water and large energy utilities such as EDF, Entergy and PG & E.

Wise Technology Management has assisted clients implement workflow based solutions since this technology first emerged in the mid 1990s. Wise Technology Management has been recognised as one of the leading innovators in the design and implementation of next generation electronic office and information management systems, using tools such as Microsoft SharePoint to implement electronic office, automated processes and information management solutions.

Wise Technology Management has developed best practice methods in areas such as Information Management (SA Water, Microsoft, ISCRR), Business Process Redesign (Yarra Valley Water, British Gas), Reliability Centred Maintenance planning (British Gas, GPU GasNet), and competitive energy markets (NEMMCO, British Gas Transco, PJM, MISO, CALISO, Entergy, and RTE).

Wise Technology uses state-of-the-art tools such as GroupSystems electronic meeting software to improve client involvement and project outcomes.