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World leaders in Technology Management

Wise Technology conducts strategic projects for clients seeking to gain significant competitive advantage or achieve operational excellence through innovation and the best practice use of technology. In taking a strategic approach we ensure our clients achieve Best Practice relevant to their business.

We focus not just on planning and design of new systems and processes but also assisting through all stages of implementation, including specific change management techniques for large whole of company system roll outs.

IT Strategic Planning

By defining a businesses competitive advantage and key strategic business model requirements we ensure IT strategies provide real value to a business.

Information Management Strategies and implementation

We help clients address real Information and Knowledge Management issues.

Business Process Redesign

We have re-engineered Business Process Redesign to overcome traditional weaknesses and achieve dramatic improvements in customer service and process costs.

Program and Project Management of large scale system implementations

End user ownership and self sufficiency are key to ensuring a successful implementation of large scale system and process implementations.